Beyond Innovation in ironing, washing, and garment solutions.

From a hospital laundry in Australia to an industrial laundry in Europe to a 5-star hotel laundry in Canada, every Lapauw machine, each Lapauw installation comes with the know-how gathered from around the globe and across the boundaries of the industry.


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Testimonial: PureTex Solutions

PureTex Solutions is a commercial laundry based in Orlando, Florida. Their two facilities process healthcare and hospitality laundry in adjacent buildings. The company focusses on providing excellent quality and superior customer service to their customers. [...]

Discover the Lapauw Towelfold

Customers looking for a simple to maintain, low cost of operation and universal towelfolding solution, here it is! The Lapauw Towelfold has proven capabilities in fast and accurate folding. The lengthfolding is done by a [...]

Beyond Innovation – Ergonomics

Despite all the automation in today’s laundries, manual labour still is an important factor, as personnel takes up from 30 to 60% of the total cost of the laundry. Learn here how Lapauw implements ergonomics in machine [...]